Two unlikely heroes. Two confounding mysteries. How did a $1,000 jewel encrusted Prada shoe end up under a dumpster in a back alley in a deserted part of town? And will we ever find out whether the man hiding in the shadows of a South Florida gay bar is really a conservative South Carolina reverend—who’s running for Congress? Two fun-loving drag performers are lured out of the spotlight and into some very dark places: the shady, drug-fueled world of Miami’s high-society debutantes, and the cutthroat world of national politics.  

Larry Nussbaum and Oscar Arias (a.k.a Sunfish & Starfish) find their campy little seaside life nearly torn apart by intrigue and deception—as well as their own character flaws and hapless investigations. The police refuse to help. Mobs of protestors threaten them and their families. Even their friendship takes a hit. But when they finally try to walk away, they are drawn right back in by events beyond their control and an unquenchable need to find the truth.

For lovelorn Oscar, and pragmatic cold-hearted Larry, a beautiful Miami spring has suddenly turned very hot and humid—

Release Date: April 1, 2015

​ISBN: 978-0-9907579-0-0 (trade paperback 5.25 X 8.00)

​          978-0-9907579-1-7 (mobi)

​LCCN: 2014949703



"If you’re looking for a fun and fast paced Summer read that’s a little bit off-kilter like your favorite binge watching shows on Netflix, then you need not look any further than Wallace Godrey’s novel, Introducing: Sunfish & Starfish Tropical Drag Queen DetectivesREAD MORE

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